Tyler Crump

As an experienced professional in the railroad, construction, and utility sectors with over a decade of industry knowledge, I pride myself on delivering exceptional results through hands-on expertise, strategic problem-solving, and a commitment to ensuring operational excellence.

My career began as a field technician, maintaining fleets of on-track equipment across the nation. I soon transitioned to the construction equipment sector, where I briefly contributed to the nation's largest equipment dealer.

My utility journey spans numerous years as a dedicated field mechanic. Joining On-site in 2021 marked a significant step, and I swiftly progressed from a field tech to a field foreman by mid-2022. Today, I proudly hold the position of the number 1 foreman, overseeing all southern operations.

Beyond my professional achievements, I find fulfillment as a dedicated father of two girls and am happily married to my wife, Rachel.