About OnSite Services

In 2008 OnSite Services opened with nothing more then an idea that there must be a higher standard of business practices that can be applied to the industrial maintenance and repair industry. The owner, Eric Holloway, spent the beginning of his career working for competitive race teams where he quickly learned that you may only have one chance to get it right. One chance to out perform, out engineer, and out maneuver your competition. If this is the mindset and winning attitude that the racing industry has, then why not bring this into the Industrial and Construction markets.

Today OnSite Services is a nationally recognized fleet maintenance provider and material handling dealership throughout the United States. At OnSite Services, we respond as quickly as possible to correctly identify your equipment solutions. Whether that is equipment purchases, rental requirements or product support contracts for customer owned machinery, we are here to be your One-Stop-Shop.

Every decision we make is based upon three simple company core values. The following core values are used to ensure the decisions we make have our customers best interest in mind. We understand that we may only have one chance to bring solid, quick solutions to meet or exceed our customer’s needs.

OnSite Services Core Values:

We thrive on saving the day! When our clients have an emergency and all hope seems lost for them, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and being available 24/7. We like to envision the initial phone call as the proverbial “Bat Signal,” which has us adorn our superhero persona and spring into action to remedy their urgent issue and get them back to work.  

Speed and precision. Our reaction time to our client is of the utmost importance. However, that is only half of the equation. The accuracy and efficiency of how we each do our job is of equal importance. When a 200-mph race car pulls into the pits, they are attended to by a team of mechanics. That team must be extremely fast and accurate or there are catastrophic results. If one member of the team fails to do their part, everyone loses. The driver, mechanics, sponsors, and owner all fail. We each have a vital role in this race. Our ability to respond quickly and accurately allows for our team to win.

We are blue collar through and through. Everyone, including the owner, is willing to do any job this company may need done. It is not above anyone within this organization to clean a restroom, weld a dock bumper, repair a hydraulic leak, or answer the phone. We do not lack structure or job awareness, rather we all feel accountable to pitch in whenever necessary to better the company. We work in a lot of areas and in a lot of ways that others simply cannot, will not, and do not. 

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Our Management Team
"Teamwork makes the dream work."

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Eric Holloway 


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Jeremy Thompson

Director Of Operations

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Scott Durham

Parts Manager